Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
06 June 2014 @ 01:36 am
[Please put the approximate IC day & time in the subject! All teacup ring calls or candlecalls welcome.]
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
21 January 2014 @ 12:03 am
Question meme! For Lambdadelta and Ami/Sherry. Also Rena in queue, or Lambdadelta and III at Court if you like. ASK ME STUFF.
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
12 November 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Memory: Significant Neutral - 'I guess paper should've stuck with paper.' [EP8]
Regained: Day 293; Game ??? (Goldie)
Form: Sparkling pumpkin handmirror (look at it to view memory) [3/4 uses left]

Memory: Significant Neutral - Agreeing to take Battler and Ange to the City of Books [EP8]
Regained: Day ???; Game ??? (The Gingerbread Witch)
Form: Tiny clear bottle (drink from it to view memory) [unlimited uses]

Memory: Significant Neutral - Topped by happy endings [EP8]
Regained: Day 297; Game ??? (Nimue)
Form: Crystal (hold it to view memory) [0/1 uses left]

Memory: Significant Negative - Death by Featherine [EP8]
Regained: Day 298; Game ??? (The Snow Queen & Gerda)
Form: Giant snowflake (kiss it to view memory) [unlimited uses]

'I, Lambdadelta, will handle any fight picked against one of my mikos, no matter who the opponent is...!!' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
01 November 2013 @ 01:39 pm
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
20 October 2013 @ 01:25 pm
Memory: Trivial Positive - Aftermath of Bern's game; omg omg bern ~complimented me~ [EP8]
Regained: Day 284; Game ??? (Guinevere)
Form: Pair of handkerchiefs (give one to someone and keep the other to view the memory simultaneously) [1/1 uses left]

'Y, ......yeah, of course! After all, I love, adore, and understand you more than any other person in the universe☆' )

Memory: Trivial Positive - They're gonna put a ring on it [EP6]
Regained: Day 285; Game ??? (Masked Lady)
Form: Kunzite-colored candy pencil, breaks cleanly into 3 sections [2/3 uses left]

'Don't be stupid. ......There's only one ceremony where a woman gets a ring from a man's finger, right?' )

Memory: Significant Neutral - 'It's because you're gonna show me the perfect happy ending!' [EP8]
Regained: Day 289; Game ??? (Old Joe)
Form: Small bone disk (scratch one side with your fingernail to view memory) [1/2 uses left]

Even though she keeps saying that she won't help anymore... She's already risking everything. Why? )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
13 September 2013 @ 01:09 pm
Memory: Significant Neutral - The Court of Illusions [EP5]
Regained: Day 278; Game ??? (The Snow Queen)
Form: Small, unmelting chunks of ice with auroras trapped inside (hold until hand gets numb to view memory) [unlimited uses]

Memory: Trivial Neutral - WHEN 2CH ATTACKS [EP8]
Regained: Day 281; Game ??? (Mad Hatter)
Form: Trading card (trade it with someone else to view their memory, then trade back to view yours) [0/1 uses left]

'......Don't think badly of me. ......Even I'd die if I was torn apart by nothingness. Sorry, but I think I'll stick to being an observer.' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
09 September 2013 @ 10:28 pm
Memory: Trivial Neutral - Deciding on the rule to bind Ange [EP4; headcanon]
Regained: Day 267; Game ??? (Dorian Gray)
Form: Cigarettes (light it to view memory) [0/1 uses left]

Mm, delicious burger... )

Memory: Trivial Positive - Calming Bern down; taking part in Erika's act [EP6]
Regained: Day 269; Game ??? (Lancelot)
Form: Tiny sword (prick finger to view memory) [unlimited uses]

'If both of them wish to fight, then that should be respected. ......Leave Bern to me. I'm the only one in the world who can calm that kid when she gets into a bad mood.' )

Memory: Significant Neutral - ∞ An ending
Regained: Day 272; Game ??? (Eliza's Brother)
Form: Sticky candy wrapper (lick it to view memory) [2/3 uses left]

'This world doesn't need a loser.' )

Memory: Trivial Positive - Bern crashes the party
Regained: Day 274; Game ??? (Mira)
Form: Small heart [0/1 uses left]

As a friend, Lambdadelta showed that she understood Bernkastel's human emotions, which had given her this courage... )
21 August 2013 @ 09:49 pm
stats )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
22 July 2013 @ 01:18 am
[for continuations, etc., etc.]
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
07 July 2013 @ 11:56 am
Memory: Trivial Neutral - 'Wanna bet?' [EP6]
Regained: Day 260; Game 201 (Morgan & The Green Knight)
Form: Candied apple divided into six pieces [5/6 uses left]

'.........Battler has sworn to let Beato sleep in peace. ......Bern. ...You're being too naive......' )

Skill: Baking
Regained: Day 262; Skill Game 37 (Mother)
Form: Long strip of worn paper with a line drawn down its center in red ink (tear in two to receive skill)

Lambda is a proficient baker! As in, God Tier Baking... In one of the dialogues in the fighting game, she is complimented by Ronove on the cookies she makes, and anyone familiar with Umineko would probably understand that is a mark of true talent.

... so whatever she makes totally worth trying if you're willing to risk her use of Extremely Dubious Ingredients! :)

Memory: Trivial Positive - Beato's letter [EP6]
Regained: Day 264; Game 203 (Maleficent)
Form: Teabag with the word "letter" on the paper tab [1/1? uses left]

Lambdadelta hid behind a pillar, ripped the envelope open, took out its contents, and read them. Her eyes instantly started to glint, .........and she smiled like a kid who's just thought of a nasty trick... )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
05 July 2013 @ 05:13 pm
The urge strikes me and it's been long enough since my last one, so question meme for Lambdadelta and Judai! I'll be poking at this super slowly throughout the day, but yes...
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
19 June 2013 @ 02:05 pm
Memory: Trivial Neutral - Arguing over Kinzo's presence with Battler [EP5]
Regained: Day 258; Game 198 (Old Joe)
Form: Small, capped horns of mead [1/2 uses left]

'Why don't you do what you usually do and start holding your head, crying 'THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!!'...? C'mon, use that old 'IT'S ALL USELESS' catch phrase and let me hear your classic nonsensical counter-argument.' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
17 June 2013 @ 03:52 am
Memory: Trivial Neutral - The gold is discovered [EP5]
Regained: Day 253; Game 193 (Nimue)
Form: Small crystal (breathe on it to view memory) [0/1 uses left]

'Bern-Battler splendidly discovered the gold. Congratulations. Heheheheheheheheh!! I had her hide the more central parts of it, but nothing wrong with being just a little mean, right?' )

Skill: Chess
Regained: Day 256; Skill Game 36 (Masked Lady & Cecily)
Form: Key-shaped cookie decorated in Kunzite pink

Exactly what it says on the tin! Lambda knows how to play chess, and she's very skilled at it. She'd taught herself how to play in Aather, but this will boost her skill quite a bit.
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
17 June 2013 @ 02:56 am
Skill: What little girls are made of
Regained: Day 252; Skill Game 35 (Mr. Right)
Form: Bay leaf (eat the whole to receive skill)


Ask if there are... questions... Though honestly, don't overthink this because it is purposely hilariously ridiculous and as intentionally vague and handwave-y as every other kind of Umineko magic. It pretty much can work however is convenient in a given situation.
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
08 May 2013 @ 03:22 pm
Memory: Significant Neutral - ∞ Orchestra of death and finale
Regained: Day 245; Game 187 (Professor Endboss)
Form: Water gun (spray teammate to view memory) [0/3? uses left (emptied)]

'I'm creating not only death. I'm writing history! History will speak of the curse, and remember my existence forever.' )

Memory: Trivial Positive - Red vs. blue battle with Bern and Erika [EP5]
Regained: Day 246; Game 188 (Firebird)
Form: Copper ring (wear it to view memory) [2/3 uses left]

'......Hey, Bern. What do you think of my red? Don't you think this is pretty simple and enjoyable despite being before the first twilight?' )

Memory: Trivial Neutral - 'This game will not have a happy ending.' [EP7 Tea Party]
Regained: Day 246; Game 189 (Hua Mulan)
Form: Palm-sized lion statues (break to view memory) [1/2 uses left]

'Go on and say it. You tell those naive dreamers.' )

Memory: Trivial Neutral - Erika's appearance on the gameboard [EP5]
Regained: Day 248; Game 190 (Marjory)
Form: An apple [0/1 uses left]

'......Wanna try complaining about the rules and stepping down from the game? Isn't that the favorite move of you mystery people♪ If there's even a tiny element that goes against your expectations, you have a tantrum and totally stop thinking.' )

Memory: Trivial Positive - Tea party for three [Whose Tea Party?]
Regained: Day 249; Game 191 (Cheshire Cat & Dog)
Form: Condiment packets (ketchup, mustard, and relish) [2/3 uses left]

'Ever since she started playing with me, she's really brightened up. She's different than she used to be.' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
28 April 2013 @ 08:19 pm
Memory: Significant Neutral - Balcony talk with Erika [EP6]
Regained: Day 242; Game 186 (Kitsune)
Form: Bunch of ripe cherries [2/3 uses left]

'Do you know how to create a great bully?' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
09 April 2013 @ 04:42 pm
Oh gosh, it's a relationship dots meme!! I just felt like doing one...

Comment here, listing your characters, and which of my characters they know. I'll reply with an affection~ meter~ to let you know what how they feel about you.

In terms of progression, it goes red --> blue --> yellow --> pink, with 1-5 dots signifying how close you are to moving to the next level.

Lambdadelta's baseline is a plain blue circle, whereas Judai's is a yellow circle. Lambda has a wide range but doesn't go very high very easily, whereas Judai is easier but most people he knows are hanging around on the same-ish level together.

YOU CAN ALSO ASK ME OTHER QUESTIONS and this can double as a question meme.
27 March 2013 @ 05:40 pm
Memory: Significant Positive - Granting Miyoko's wish [Memoirs of Lady Lambdadelta]
Regained: Day 226; Game 174 (Eliza's Brother)
Form: Sterling-colored feather (stick it behind ear to view memory) [2/3 uses left]

-- Because I wanted her to hurry and come down to the same depths I was in. )

Memory: Significant Positive - Recognizing Battler as a witch [EP5 ????]
Regained: Day 227; Game 175 (Maleficent)
Form: A bag of Kunzite-colored fruit candies [5/6 uses left]

'......By the name of Lambdadelta, Witch of Certainty, I acknowledge it.........Ushiromiya Battler...! I acknowledge you as the new Golden Witch,, the new Endless Sorcerer, Ushiromiya Battler...!!!' )

Memory: Trivial Neutral - EVA's coronation [EP3]
Regained: Day 228; Game 176 (Nimue & Odile)
Form: Miniature goblet, with a slightly less miniature glass vial (fill goblet and drink to view memory) [2/3 uses left]

'Well, a misfortunate childhood, unrewarded effort...I can sympathize ju-st a bit with that. It's not like I felt sorry for you or anything, don't be so full of yourself! Tsu-n!' )

Memory: Significant Neutral - Granting Chick Beato certainty [EP6]
Regained: Day 233; Game 179 (Jabberwock)
Form: Small hand mirror [5/7 uses left]

'You've sworn to the Witch of Certainty that you will act with certainty. So I won't say farewell. ......'I'll see you again soon'.' )

Memory: Trivial Negative - Nightmares [headcanon]
Regained: Day 234; Game 180 (Gerda)
Form: Palm-sized teddy bear (squeeze it to view memory) [1/2 uses left]

' .........What if......I actually lost my mind a long time ago......and I'm still in there...just seeing a delusion of us all chatting happily like this...? ......That nightmare still terrifies me... ......And so, I need to constantly feel...truly feel that this isn't a dream...' )
Lambdadelta | ΛΔ
17 March 2013 @ 11:14 pm
wow tl;dr )

THAT'S EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF THAT WAS IMPORTANT... Though if I appear to have missed something you're curious about, or you have any other questions, just ask! Or if you need any clarification, I kind of just rambled off everything I could remember, so. ;;

Finally, I want to thank everyone so much for playing! ♥ I had a really great time running it, and you all made it super fun and interesting to do.